GIS soft ltd. is a company that provides services from the fields of geodesy, geoinformatics and GIS.

Our clients are governmnent institutions, local government, construction companies, as well as all other legal and physical persons who have a need to address issues in the land cadastre and land registry. Contact an authorized geodetic company that operatea s on the territory of Bijeljina, Brčko, Ugljevik and beyond. We give free advice on solving property issues.

The services we provide are:

    • Development of GIS (Geographic information systems) for local governments and companies
    • Development of software solutions for geodesy, collection of communal rent
    • Development of spatial databases
    • Surveying of land and objects
    • Preparation of situational and geodetic plans for the design and development of spatial planning documentation
    • Division of parcels and formation of construction parcels for cadastre and land registry
    • Establishment of boundaries and verification of areas
    • Registry of objects for obtaining use permits
    • Surveying of underground installations and registering them in the cadastre
    • Complete services related to legalization of illegally constructed buildings
    • Consulting services related to land and land ownership
    • Development of orthophoto plans on the base of arial photographs or processing of satellite images
    • Development of detailed Digital Terrain Model for engineering purposes
    • All types of engineering and survey work for construction in progress or after completion of construction
    • Development of commasative works and transfer to the field

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GISsoft ltd. Brčko Distrikt

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