GIS soft d.o.o. | company for GIS, geoinformatics and geodesy 

Founded in 2002 under the name "GIS inženjering" and based in Brčko as a company for the design, engineering and execution of geodetic works. It is entered in the court register of the Magistrate Court in Brčko.

In 2005 a regional office was formed in Bijeljina under the name „GIS-design“, and since then the company is more oriented towards Geoinformation technologies, development of information systems, management, collection and analysis of geospatial data. 

The founder and owner of the company is a Bsc. Geodetic Engineer and Computer Programmer with thirty years of experience in geodesy, GIS and geoinformatics. 

GIS soft is a company with years of experience in the application of geoinformation technologies in the fields of cadastre, spatial planning and community infrastructure.

GIS soft is the leading company in BiH in the development of digital plans and maps (conversion of analogue geodetic plans and maps into vector format), maintenance and updating of geodetic and cadastral plans. 

With our own software solutions we make census lists for the exposure of data as well as do conversions of cadastral databases of different formats into other formats and databases. 

We digitize cadastral plans of community utilities and develop complete GIS projects tailored to users and their needs.

We develop complete information systems in the field of GIS for local government bodies and utility companies.

We carry out all geodetic surveying with modern geodetic equipment and process the data using the most well-known software.

We are authorized to carry out work on the territory of Brčko District, the Republic of Srpska and the Federation of BiH.

We can help you when you have the need to:

  • solve your problems with property in the cadastre or land registry,
  • split a parcel, check the surface area or establish damaged boundaries,
  • need a geodetic plan for the legalization of a constructed building,
  • survey built utility installations.

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GISsoft ltd. Brčko Distrikt

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